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Concert-Sound Therapy

feel the sound.

1.5-hour unique concert 

the amount of participants is limited to 30 people

About the concert

Sound Concert Image 5.jpeg

Sound therapy is one of the most ancient and safest ways to relax the nervous system.
Sound healing comes through sound and vibrations that the body comes into contact with.
Important stages in sound therapy are relaxation, cleansing and filling.


  • Tambourine appears in historical writings as early as 1700 BC and was used by ancient musicians in West Africa, the Middle East, Greece and India. The sound of the tambourine calms the mind and grounds you.

  • Tibetan bells fill the heart with peace, produce deep relaxation, and quiet the nerves.

  • Flat bells, an instrument reminiscent of large bells, open up energy for cleansing and provide inspiration.

  • Gong's sounds and vibrations have a quick effect on the brain and the body. The sound of gongs is overtones from the highest to the lowest sounds, they affect the entire energy system in the body, filling and strengthening it.

  • The sound of a stream brings you out of deep relaxation and consolidates energy with the sound of water.

  • Divya is a unique musical instrument (metallophone for sound therapy). Divya is a tool for inspiration, fills us with energy and brings us back to the best moments in life.

  • Koshi chime is an authentic musical instrument, they provide a warm, rich ambience and are available in four scales associated with the four elements (wind, fire, water, earth). 

  • The sound of silence is something that everyone will greet with smiles after the sound journey.

Why participate?

Sound therapy is used both for the treatment and prevention of diseases such as:

  • stress and anxiety,

  • problems concentrating,

  • headache,

  •  depression, fears and phobias,

  • muscle tension,

  • chronic fatigue syndrome,

  • emotional instability,

  • insomnia,

  • hyperactivity.


Aleksandr Radionov

Sound therapist

A specialist with extensive experience in treating and healing people both using the methods of Reiki and Theta Healing, and in his own direction, which he has been developing for 20 years - pranatherapy.

Aleksand Rodionov.jpeg

Photos from the concerts

Questions & Answers

Who could participate?

Any person who wants to get a unique and inspiring experience (from age of 8 years old)

What does the sound therapy concert look like?

As any other concert, the main difference is the limited amount of people and much freedom - you could seat, stand, and even lay (fitness mats are provided by organizers).

What is the concert dress-code?

There is no strict dress-code, you are open to wearing whatever is suitable for you.

How many participants could take part?

The amount of participants is limited to 30 people


195 NIS per ticket

the amount of participants is limited to 30 people

Venue and time


Eshkol Pais, Golda Meir 101

Tuesday, December, 19th at 18:00

a number of participants is limited

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