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DMZ named after Petrovsky

DMZ named after Petrovsky

We had a challenging goal - to organize 25,000+ people event during the Day of the City for one of the biggest metallurgy factories in Ukraine

the flow

First, we made a definitive decomposition of the work and created WBS.

The tasks were grouped by the section of the event.

Each section had its coordinator and team. All the coordinators were curated by the Project Manager of the event.

The Schedule for the tasks was created, and Logistics, Administration, Communications, Risks Management, Stakeholder Management, etc. plans were created. 

The event team was 150 people.


We made a design for all the materials of the event: posters, banners, balloons, flyers, t-shirts, etc. 

The pages on Social Media were created and promoted.

We made a complex promotion of the event, including the most popular local Online, Printed, and TV media.

Video ads for the event were created. 

Ground and air video shooting and photography were provided by us.

During the event, we organized:

  • City quest with prizes

  • City flashmob with the participants of "Ukraine's Got Talent"

  • Street karaoke

  • Photo exhibition and photo zone 

  • Rock concert with local and National music starts

  • Neon show from the finalists of "Ukraine's got talent", "Britain's Got Talent" and "America's Got Talent" "LIGHT BALANCE", etc.



50+ positive public reviews

25,000 attendees


4000+ photos from the event

media cover

114 mentions in Media

2,000,000+ Media cover

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