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Red Events

Red Events

We met Red Events through networking with the other partner. They organize amusing concerts in London, UK. We were requested to set up Facebook and Instagram ads for their events as well as the Facebook Pixel issue fix.

the flow

After the kick-off call, we outlined a strategy.

The partner had a clear understanding of their target audience.

We decided to create a set of ads, including:

  • ads aimed at an audience with a specific interest,

  • ads based on Pixel audience,

  • deal-aimed ads.


We created and filled in a Report chart with such analytical data, as Click Rate, Response rate, Conversion rate, CAC, etc. ROMI was calculated.

Red Events


Advertising reach: 689,188 people

Impressions: 1,612,991 people

Number of clicks: 16,780

Number of tickets purchased, ticket income, budget: according to the agreement with the client, we cannot disclose

Ticket prices: from 8 pounds to 50 pounds per ticket depending on the sector

Concerts London 1.png
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