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Practical self-defense training

Defend yourself and your dearest ones!

3-hour training in Russian
Group up to 10 people

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About the course

During this difficult time for the country, we are organizing three-hour seminars and trainings for adults and teenagers (from 14 years old) throughout the country.

The main topic of our seminar now is countering a person with a knife.


What to do if:

  •  Attack a running person with a knife

  •  The sudden appearance of an armed bandit in the middle of a crowded place, in a crowd

  •  Assault in a cafe or restaurant

We'll talk about how to run away safely, consider safe distances and when to make a decision. Let's pay attention to the connection between our thoughts and our reflexes and learn to feel our body better. Let's look at situations in which there is no way to escape, but there are available items that will help us for self-defense. In addition, we will practice basic techniques and strikes against knife attacks.

The classes do not require special training or physical strength. Each and every one of us is capable of protecting ourselves and we will help reveal these abilities!

Let's win together!


         a number of participants is limited

About the trainers

Alex and Katya Drusakov, a married couple from Haifa and Krav Maga and self-defense instructors.

We are both certified in Israel and have been teaching together for over 7 years. Alex has a black belt and a martial arts background, 10 years of Krav Maga training and experience teaching privately and in groups.

Katya has a blue belt in Krav Maga (8 years of training) and extensive experience teaching self-defense for women (working in foundations, schools and kibbutzim). In addition, there is a focus on psychology (psychology training at the University) and on the prevention of sexual violence.



Questions and answers

Do I need special preparation to participate?

The classes do not require special training or physical strength. Each and every one of us is capable of protecting ourselves and we will help reveal these abilities!

At what age is participation possible?

From 14 years to 120 years

What should you take with you to class?

The only person needed in class is you. 

Photos from the trainings

Place and time



Eshkol Pais,

Golda Meir 101

Nearest date:

December 8, Friday
Time: 10:00-13:00


295 NIS/ person

up to 10 people in group

Payment options

Visa/ Mastercard



Bank Transfer

         a number of participants is limited

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