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Festincar Volvo & Skoda

Volvo & Skoda

Our partner contacted us to promote the car brands Skoda (2020) and Volvo (2021) at the upcoming target audience event two years in a row. 

the flow

First, we did some research and found out The FestinCar was the best event to promote the brands, as the active car drivers were attending this high-trending event.


The promotion package included:

  • demonstration of the video ads before & after the screenings,

  • brand placement in press-release for Media,

  • brand placement in the festival e-mail newsletter,

  • brand logo on the posters, banners, flyers, etc.

Festincar Volvo & Skoda


Video ads

screened 48 times

for 1,000+ people

Media cover

50,000+ people

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