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Life-Size Puppets

We' decided to promote the giant puppets service. Life-size puppets it's a brilliant idea for the birthday. The bear or panda dances, greets the guests, makes the holiday bright.

We were requested to create a pages and set up Facebook and Instagram ads.

the flow

After the kick-off call, we outlined a strategy.

We created and filled pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Then we wrote the number of texts in Russian and translated them into Hebrew.

We chose two audiences, one of which worked well:

after making a test advertising with two target audiences, we added a budget to the working one.

Puppet Alex.jpeg


Total Reach: 23,876 people

Impressions: 48,605 people

Number of Leads: 80 requests

Cost Per Result: $2.67

Amount Spent: $214

Life Size Puppets 1.png
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