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Jazz in Netanya

We only organize eventsbut also promote them ourselves. 

This time we promoted the Jazz in Netanya concert.

Jazz is freedom, passion and expression. A virtuoso saxophone solo, contagious drum rhythms, sounds of double bass and piano in perfect harmonic unity – you will plunge into the atmosphere of jazzy Manhattan and become a participant of a delightful celebration of music!

the flow

We created horizontal, vertical, and square visuals for the ads.

Then we wrote the texts in English and translated them into Hebrew and Russian.

We chose the target audience, set the group of the ads and launch them.

Each day we monitored the number of tickets sold and the budget spent.

We added the budget when it was needed to get to the purpose.

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Status: SOLD OUT

Total Reach: 28,156 people

Impressions: 90,862 people

Number of Clicks: 1,703

Amount Spent: $254

Ticket cost: $35 (135 NIS)

Number of tickets sold: 138

Event Box Office: $4830

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